ClickBank – The Ad Network?

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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How to Monetize Your Website with Clickbank

Clickbank is hiding something from you that could be a HUGE money-maker for your blog or website.  It's called, “The Clickbank HopAd Builder“.  It works similar to Google Adsense, except each ad is coded with your Clickbank Affiliate ID, which means you could make up to 75% of each sale.  (which could be a lot better than Adsense, or what I've heard called, “Adcents” cuz that's all you get)

I'm not sure why they haven't shouted this from the rooftops yet, or blasted this out to their affiliates.   If you login to your Clickbank Account, Click on Account Settings, and then, you will see the link:  Clickbank HopAd Builder.  See – told ya it was hidden.  I don't see it on any other page!

If you know HTML – check out the Advanced User Guide.  You can control the way the ads appear on your website.  If you use it on your site, please post a link to it in the comments section.  Would love to see it in another niche!

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  1. TJ Pleines

    Thank you, Kit.

    I will follow your advice and hopefully, in seven days, I’ll be well on my way to profits.

    Thanks again, TJ

  2. TJ Pleines

    My website is real new. I would appreciate your comments. I’m still working on the ‘contact us’ page. I would like to write resumes and cover letters. I’m also associated with Elance for creative non-fiction and fiction writing. I also have a blog:

    I would like to work with ‘clickbank’. I am presently using AdSense and it is like you say – adcents, though I know I must give it all time. Thanks for any advice. Impatiently, TJ

    1. Kit Elliott

      Hi there.

      First, I would switch to WordPress. You are missing out on high search engine rankings (free traffic). I get 43% of my traffic just from people searching for different keywords in the Search Engines.

      Second, you need to build a list. Start with Aweber so your list can hear from you once a week. I always send an update once a week letting my readers know exactly what happened this past week.

      Then, download my free ebook – and setup the foundation first then move to

      – getting traffic to your site
      – selling other people’s product (affiliate marketing)
      – selling your own product
      – having your own affiliate program
      – joint venturing with other people in your market
      – start building relationship in forums that relate to your market

      You can start with this list and then, after 7 days, you should be well on your way to online profits.. keep pushing.


  3. Jerry

    I am definitely using it on my websites. I think it will be a BIG hit.

  4. Pierce

    Great blog topics. new and interesting stuff. I have used the clickbank hopads (google style ad blocks). They work like any other ad code you would put on your website. I have used these ads on articles at with moderate success, mostly because tagplace is just starting and there is no competition on it yet.
    The hopads will only ad value to your website as they clean up and add more options for users of clickbank as well as making it easier to access clickbank for customers visiting your webpage.

  5. Peter McGrath

    hi Kit

    another really usefull post it sounds like clickbank are going to compete wth google adsense but dont want the whole world knowing about it yet

    really enjoy your blog lraen so much how long did it take to create 1200 blogs

    1. Kit Elliott

      It took six years – $1.5 Million Dollars – an outsourced team of 137 people – 2 personal assistants – and lots of hard work!

  6. Kathy

    This is the first time I am leaving a comment– I am going to do what you said– I’ll let you know if it works!!!

    1. Kit Elliott

      Thanks! By the way, I just checked your website. I would love to see this converted into a WordPress blog so you can get HIGHER search engine rankings.. Yours looks similar to DinerDave and then he switched over.. take a look at what $100 can get you:

  7. I rarely leave comments but this time I will,
    your blog is really interesting and full of
    valuable information. -:)

  8. tammie

    This does sound interesting , how do you get setup to do this?

  9. Colton

    I need to get into all this stuff.
    It sounds interesting.
    And a money making opportunity.. how does this all work?

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