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Clickbank Offers the One Click Upsell for Vendors

Clickbank Adds One Click UpsellEXTRA EXTRA – Read all about it.. Clickbank just released the one click upsell, and you are hearing it first at  Directly from Clickbank's blog:


One-Click Upsell

ClickBank is excited to announce a new upsell capability for vendors. If a vendor meets certain conditions, they may offer additional products to a customer after an initial purchase is made.

How Upsell Works

ClickBank’s new upsell purchase flow represents an alternative to our traditional order process. Currently, if a customer visits the ClickBank order form and purchases a product, they are immediately taken to the order confirmation page, and the order is complete. Any additional purchases must take place separately, and require the customer to re-enter their payment information.

In the new upsell purchase flow, once a customer makes an initial purchase, rather than sending them directly to the confirmation page, a vendor can instead offer a series of additional products the customer can purchase without needing to re-enter their payment information. This sequence of additional offers is defined by the vendor in their account settings, and the sequence can change based on which additional products the customer purchases or declines. Affiliates earn commissions on any additional sales, so they have a strong incentive to promote products that include upsells.

Finally, after all offers have been shown, the customer is taken to the order confirmation page, which shows the customer all of the items they purchased.

This capability is available to vendors who meet specific sales, refund, and chargeback rates, as well as other constraints:

  • ClickBank client for a minimum of six months
  • Made over 5000 sales through ClickBank
  • Lifetime chargeback rate must be 0.6% or lower
  • Lifetime refund rate must be 10% or lower
  • Maximum price of each upsell product must be $500 or less
  • Product cannot be physical or a recurring billing product

In addition, a vendor’s upsell flow must be approved by ClickBank. Once approved, the vendor will agree not to change the price of the upsell offers or the accept/decline wording, buttons, or images.

How to Apply

If you believe you meet the requirements and want to learn more, please submit the following form to apply. If you are accepted into the program, we will notify you directly.

Click Here to Apply for Clickbank's One Click Upsell

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