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The Traffic Machine Infusionsoft Went Down Does this happen to all marketers?

GetInfusionsoft just sent me an email five minutes ago letting me know that they employed a “patch” last night that caused all web forms and order forms NOT to process orders or web form requests.

So today is the day – we finally have The Traffic DVD's in stock as of this morning.. We have the order forms in place.. tested and wouldn't you know it – PROGRAMMING HAPPENS!

So we're slightly delayed.. Thanks Infusionsoft!

I'll let you know as soon as they let me know.  Here's the thing about problems in general.. Companies know when there is a problem.. They work hard to solve the problems and implement future solutions.  There's no sense in getting angry or upset.  It's a simple, “Hey this is happening!” And they jump into action.

What you can instill in your everyday life is to take a “pro-active” instead of “re-active” role.

Problems Happen – REACTIVE MODE.

Solutions Happen – Takes Care of Future Problems – PROACTIVE MODE.

I look for ways to see and solve problems whereever and whenever I can.  There are certain departments that I meet with daily to implement new procedures, policy manuals, tutorials, and more.  That's an important lesson for people always running in reactive mode.  Instead of taking the time to implement systems that solve 99% of the problems – they wait for the problem to occur, then react. That's reactive mode.

So the last thing Infusionsoft wants – is a bunch of people angry and threatening.  PROGRAMMING HAPPENS!  I assure you they have a huge team of hungry programmers on the case right now – working through these issues – and deploying solutions!

Let's all keep a cool, calm collected sense about us when dealing with problems in general and everything will work itself out!   Until then, please enjoy this great song by Bon Jovi!


Onwards and Upwards,

Kit Elliott


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