C is for Compartmentalize!

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How to Stay Organized by Compartmentalizing

I've been receiving motivational emails from The Goal's Guy – Gary Ryan Blair for years now.  Today, I received this email that was so good – I had to post it and pass it along.  There are no affiliate links attached, but it's good quality information:

Compartmentalize – A Prerequisite for Success

Compartmentalization is a critical step to achieving goals and getting the results you want in life.

After you establish your goals and priorities for a day, hour, or a particular meeting or project you must compartmentalize.

Compartmentalization means focusing on each individual item without letting any one activity encroach upon the timing and effectiveness of any other.

It’s easier said than done, however if you want to achieve your goals in the fastest manner possible you must take the following steps to maximize your ability to compartmentalize:

* WRITE down every action you plan to take.

Underperformers keep their goals in their head while high achievers put their plans to paper in an organized manner. After you’ve committed your priorities to paper, you gain clarity and control which allows you to free your mind of worry and anticipation.

* CROSS items off your list.

A feeing of accomplishment precedes a completed item. Every action moves you one step closer to your desired goal and ideal outcome.

* CONCENTRATE on the present.

Focus on the here and now, you cannot change the past nor can you control the future.

If you find that you are having trouble compartmentalizing your time and activities, look at your list and remind yourself of what’s most important – your current focus. Like a rubber band, this will snap you back to the matter at hand.

So, do you want to learn a number of other execution strategies? It's actually very easy.

We are coming to the close of the second quarter and if your results are not what you expected, if you have not achieved the type of success you wanted, than I invite you to participate in my Life Planning Program at www.personalstrategicplan.com

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To sweeten the pot, if you order today, I'll be deliving a live 90-minute web seminar next week to explain how I use the plan and what you need to do to ensure every goal you set gets achieved.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair

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