AFFILIATE MARKETING: The Top 50 Buying Keywords

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What are the buying keywords that people search for when they are buying items online?What Are The Best Keywords for People In The Buying Mood

If you’re trying to increase sales and optimize for certain keywords, the best possible keywords you can target are BUYING keywords.  What words are people searching for that says, “I’m buying this!”   Your site should be optimized for the product’s name PLUS these keywords.

If you’re selling light bulbs – then you would have 100 different posts (or combined posts) that target light bulbs PLUS each keyword.  If you’re promoting dog training.. then target dog training plus each keyword.

Top 40 50 Buying Keywords

  1. affordable
  2. bargain/bargains
  3. best buy
  4. best deal on
  5. best place to buy
  6. best price
  7. bonus for
  8. buy/buying
  9. buy now
  10. cheap
  11. cheapest
  12. clearance
  13. closeout
  14. compare
  15. compare prices
  16. comparison
  17. coupon
  18. coupon code
  19. coupons
  20. deal/deals
  21. deals of the day
  22. deals online
  23. discount
  24. discount code
  25. discounted
  26. discounts
  27. economical
  28. fast delivery
  29. for sale
  30. free shipping
  31. get
  32. get the best price for
  33. great buy
  34. inexpensive
  35. low cost
  36. low price/low priced
  37. who has the lowest price
  38. promo code for
  39. overnight delivery for
  40. on sale
  41. order
  42. price/prices
  43. purchase
  44. reduced/reduced prices
  45. review/reviews
  46. special offer/special deal
  47. where can I buy/where can you buy
  48. where to buy
  49. who sells

Did I miss any buying keywords?  Leave a comment, and let me know if you can think of anymore:

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