7 Marketing Strategies Most Commonly Used By “Super Affiliates”

I receive an affiliate commission when you click on my affiliate links & purchase.  I give a portion of all proceeds to Alzheimer’s research as we search for a cure.  I am the sole caretaker for my 75 year old aunt who has Stage 5 Alzheimer’s so we can’t thank you enough.

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SuperAffiliate Quicklinks

  1. Want To Achieve “Super Affiliate” Status?
  2. Promote A Limited Number of Related Products
  3. Dominate A Niche As A Leading Voice of Authority
  4. Create Topic Specific, Keyword-Rich Landing Pages
  5. Make Effective Use Of The First Fold
  6. Provide Visitors With A Unique Experience
  7. Test and Collect Vital Stats About Your Website
  8. Build A Lasting Relationship With Your Audience
  9. The Mindset of a Super Affiliate

Want To Achieve “Super Affiliate” Status?

Never heard the term “super affiliate” before?

These caped commission crusaders are the elite 2% of affiliates earning incomes that top six- and seven-figures annually.

  • They write their own tickets in the affiliate networks…
  • Businesses are frequently banging down their doors, BEGGING them to promote their products…
  • And in some cases, super affiliates can get away with demanding even HIGHER commission cuts than networks advertise to newbies because their reach into the market is already so deeply entrenched…

Sound like somewhere you'd like to go with YOUR affiliate business?

Well, in the following lesson, we're going to give you a 50,000 foot overview of how these “super affiliates” achieve their cult-like status.

And we think you'll be surprised…

Because their secrets to success aren't NEARLY as mysterious, advanced, or difficult to implement as you might currently believe. In fact, most super affiliates' businesses are founded on just SEVEN key marketing strategies:

Strategy #1: Promote A Limited Number of Related Products

New affiliates make this mistake constantly, daily.

In fact, this exact moment a new affiliate is undoubtedly uploading yet ANOTHER webpage that looks like somebody vomited affiliate links all over it.

They're excited, envisioning large commission checks rolling in. But 60 days from now they'll likely lose motivation as their traffic remains little more than a trickle of 2-3 visitors per day and they generate ZERO sales.

So please, do the web community a favor. Do your retirement savings account a favor:

Don't upload a webpage jammed with a mish-mash of unrelated affiliate products. This strategy simply doesn't work!

Super affiliates know that specialization is key to online success.

Choose to promote a limited number of related products to a narrowly focused, well-defined niche market.

For example, instead of promoting a broad range of sexual health products to all women, you could promote women's libido enhancers like Provestra to women who are postpartum… or women who are menopausal.  The health industry is a huge industry full of hungry buyers.  This is the perfect niche to specialize in.  If you are looking for a health affiliate program, then we use and recommend Sell Health.

Click Here for the Health and Wellness Affiliate Program

Click Here for Affiliate Programs

Or you could promote anti-aging supplements like GenF20 to men who are frustrated by memory loss associated with aging — instead of trying to reach EVERYONE interested in looking and feeling younger.

The formula is fairly simple:

  1. Choose 2-3 related products that you believe in.
  2. Figure out what problems these products solve.
  3. Do keyword research to figure out what words and phrases people are typing into the search engines to locate these solutions.
  4. See if the keyword research provides any insights into who is searching for these products/solutions and why.
  5. Keep narrowing your focus until you locate a tightly related group of keywords with a reasonable volume of searches.
  6. This tightly related group of keywords will become the foundation of your entire marketing campaign for these products.
  7. And this is your niche!

Of course, the key to making this formula work is valid keyword research.

So we recommend reading our lessons on Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization as both contain detailed information on performing keyword research that can be applied to narrowing the focus of your marketing campaigns to tightly focused niches.

Strategy #2: Dominate A Niche As A Leading Voice of Authority

Super affiliates are typically a force to be reckoned with in their chosen niches, dominating as the leading voice of authority.  Most affiliate confuse niche with the “make money” niche, and while making money is the overall goal – is it really the purpose or passion that you have?

Most passionate niches turn into money-making winners because the superaffiliate LOVES talking and blogging and interviewing others in the field.  Here are a few of my favorites:  Rugby, Sports, Pets, Dog Lovers, Dating, Weight Loss, Fitness, Muscle, and then take these niches and really focus on solving people's problems.  They will follow you and refer others to you!  Ka-ching.  If you need help, read my guide to finding the perfect micro-niche.

And while this might sound like an impossible task to anyone new to affiliate marketing, rest assured it's difficult, but achievable through persistent, consistent action.

Becoming the leading voice of authority in any marketspace typically means providing the best information.

And this is done by generating content, content, and more UNIQUE content in the form of articles, blogs, free reports, product reviews, free webinars (i.e. online seminars), video tutorials, video demonstrations, and more.

The volume of content you'll need to make available will vary depending on your chosen niche market. Some niches are VERY tightly focused and have limited competition, so it's easy to dominate quickly with less free content.

On the other hand, larger, more general niches usually require a more dedicated, ongoing approach to content creation.

Not sure what to write, blog, or create videos about?

Refer back to your keyword research for ideas. Searches for “anti-aging supplement reviews” indicate clear interest in review-style articles. Searches for “how to increase my sex drive” beg for tip-style articles.


You don't need to add all this free content to your website in a single shot.

Even adding just ONE fresh piece of quality content to your website per week adds up fast, creating a snowball effect of traffic and sales.

Strategy #3: Create Topic Specific, Keyword-Rich Landing Pages

Rarely do we meet a super affiliate who hasn't mastered the art of creating topic specific, keyword-rich landing pages.

Landing pages are simply subpages of your website.
(i.e. www.yoursite.com/this_is_a_subpage)

And as you undoubtedly know from surfing the Web yourself, Google rarely sends you into the homepage (www.yoursite.com) of any website.

Google's goal is to give you relevant information FAST.

So they help you avoid wasted minutes of random site-surfing by directing you to the pages within any given website that are most relevant to your search query.

Super affiliates understand how Google works and they create landing pages that are optimized to:

  1. Suck maximum traffic out of Google. (Read our article on Search Engine Optimization to learn more.)
  2. Capture visitors' interest INSTANTLY by demonstrating the page has information directly related to their search query in Google. (Read our article on Web Copywriting to learn more.)
  3. Capture visitors' contact information for future follow up. (Use Aweber to capture email addresses if you're not already doing so.)
  4. Persuade the visitor to click through their affiliate links and purchase product by establishing value. (Read our article on Web Copywriting to learn more.)

Be sure to read the lessons referenced above for a more thorough explanation of how this is accomplished!

Strategy #4: Make Effective Use Of The First Fold

The first fold is simply the first screen of content visible to new visitors on any page of your website.

And no surprise, it's the most valuable real estate on ANY website!

Today's web surfer typically has the attention span of a small rodent (think about 8 seconds), so you have little more than a couple of glances worth of time to capture their interest and attention.

And this means you need to carefully plan how you'll use the first screen of space on EVERY page of your site.

Some tips for making good use of the first fold include:

  • Don't clutter the space with meaningless graphics like an oversized header graphic. Good graphics are important for creating a professional impression, but graphics don't sell. Ultimately, copy sells. Make sure there's room for your marketing message!
  • Make a compelling headline the center focus at the top of the page. The best headlines on landing pages will strategically incorporate keywords. And they'll ALWAYS be the first thing a new visitor's eye is drawn to read.
  • Include an opt-in offer in the top, right-hand corner of the screen. While most affiliate networks don't allow email marketing these days, it's still a good way to maintain and build ongoing relationships with your target audience, drawing them back to your website.
  • Include a compelling lead. The first few sentences of copy on any page are critical. Keep the visitor interested and reading by skipping the corporate blather and launching straight into information they'll find relevant to their needs.
  • Limit the navigation. Good site design gives visitors a clear path through your website and doesn't overwhelm them with choice. Too much choice creates confusion, and confusion drives visitors away.

To learn more about writing effective ad copy to feature in the first fold of any page, read our lesson on copywriting for affiliates.

Strategy #5: Provide Visitors With A Unique Experience

Ever notice how many affiliate sites look similar to one another?

That's because many affiliates, looking for short cuts on the road to wealth, think they can get away with recycling the same poorly written articles and product reviews they find on other affiliate sites.

Change a few paragraphs…
Insert Product X in place of Product Y…
And they think they're done.

Will anyone ever call these scavenging hyenas on their lack of originality, thievery, and in some cases, outright copyright infringement?

In most cases, not directly…

But the Google bot gets a vote, and typically dumps these copycat sites to the bottom of the search results.

And the general public isn't responding to this kind of marketing anymore either. They're savvier and willing to look longer to find authentic, credible solutions.

That's why, if you ever hope to achieve “super affiliate” status, you must be prepared to create a unique experience for your website visitors. And this means creating original, quality content.

It's work. It's time consuming. And it can cost money.

But any super affiliate will tell you, their upfront investment and willingness to go the extra mile is what ultimately sets them apart as voices of authority within the marketspaces they choose to dominate.

Strategy #6: Test and Collect Vital Stats About Your Website

Super affiliates are all avid testers, tracking their key website metrics on a scale that is, no doubt, beyond the capabilities of the average new affiliate.

They test everything on their website including:

  • Different headlines
  • Keywords they're optimizing for
  • The page location of recommended products
  • Different styles of articles and product reviews
  • Placement of affiliate links on the page
  • Location of the opt-in offer
  • Styles of content layout
  • Graphic intensive layouts vs. plain layouts
  • Image placement throughout the content

Plus much more!

Of course, if you're NEW to testing, this can seem quite overwhelming. And it's impractical, too, since you need higher volumes of traffic to generate truly useful statistics.

So to start we recommend:

  1. If you haven't already, install Google Analytics on your website. It's FREE, it'll take you 5 minutes, and you'll get tons of really useful information about traffic to your website including daily visitor counts, keywords they're using to find you, which websites are referring the most traffic to you, what pages your visitors are exiting your site on, plus MUCH MORE!
  2. Get familiar with your key metrics – i.e. your visitor-to-sale conversion rate, your visitor-to-subscriber conversion rate, and the value of a single visitor to your website. (Search these terms in Google and you'll get instant access to hundreds of articles explaining how to calculate these figures.)
  3. Use Google Website Optimizer to run low-risk A/B Split Tests on key pages of your website. (It allows you to split traffic to a single page between two variations of ad copy & design, so you can see which one produces a better result.)
  4. Use SurveyMonkey.com to run surveys on key landing pages and collect useful visitor data that can be used to fine tune your design, offer, layout etc.

Remember to assume nothing, and test everything!

Strategy #7: Build A Lasting Relationship With Your Audience

If your business is 100% affiliate commission driven, then you're missing an important asset that keeps parent companies generating sales during slow months and recessions – and that's the customer list.

As an affiliate, you don't have access to the actual names and contact information of the customers you've referred. So it's important to focus on establishing long-term contact with your audience in other ways.

Otherwise, you'll always be chasing new traffic.

For example, you should definitely be collecting the email addresses of your website visitors. (If you're not already, it's cheap and easy to get started with SendPepper. SendPepper is a all-in-one solution which allows you to take orders as well as collect emails.  I like to start out with this because you can scale your business by adding buying sequences for all of your visitors including easy to integrate WordPress options and built-in split testing.)

Because while most affiliate networks don't allow direct email promotions for affiliate products these days, you can still email your subscribers valuable information that drives them back to your website!

You can also build relationships with blog subscribers, Facebook fans and groups, and Twitter followers!

A subscriber list in ANY medium gives you the ability to instantly contact people who've expressed an interest in your niche with follow-up offers, offers for related products, and more.

Plus, since it takes, on average, seven contacts to close any sale, you're sure to see an overall increase in your commission income when you start regularly following up with your website visitors!

The Mindset of a Super Affiliate

After reading this lesson, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

But take heart. As you can see, none of the marketing strategies employed by super affiliates to achieve their six- and seven-figure-income status are all that difficult to implement.

They're just a lot of work.

And it's precisely the VOLUME of work involved that stops most affiliates from ever achieving success. Because they give up too early in the game. They move on to “the next big thing” hoping for instant wealth.

Super affiliates recognize that there's no such thing as “instant wealth” online.

If you want to be truly successful, you must commit to the long haul and plan to grow your income through persistent, consistent action…

Baby steps, taken one at a time, over the next 18-24 months.

And you must commit to being a student of Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and direct response marketing. Because super affiliates aren't smarter than everyone else. They're just stubborn. And they're willing to learn from the mistakes of those who've walked before them.

Helpful Links in this Breakthrough and How We Use Them:

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Website Optimizer – Easy to split test different pages. Click here to split test different headlines, videos, colors and more.

Google Analytics – Tracking. Click here for affiliate tracking analytics.

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